The Halloween Mime

Among the children and others who came to our door last night there was a princess from Frozen a family from the Avengers witches,  ghosts,  pirates and The Halloween Mime. The Halloween Mime was a child of about 8 years of age in white face paint  and a black spandex bodysuit. He arrived with a […]

Mattering Merely

No. Just no. Sometimes clarity comes as simply as that.  What was bright, what had heat, what had power now does not. It is mere matter that no longer matters.  That no longer stirs, swells, expands, surges, ebbs, flows, jumps, drives, lashes or pounds. You can continue a little longer as mere matter             maybe like […]


My teacup chihuahua has shining big black eyes and even bigger ears             And a little licking pink tongue. Her curly tail beats time when she’s happy,  which is most of the time. She yip yip yips  and she prances and skitters and RUNS up and down the stairs like a tiny herd of elephant dogs. […]