A Little Bit Fey

My grandmother once looked at me across the room             when I wasn’t doing much really             — I was trying to read the cat’s mind I think             by looking intently into its eyes —             and said             “Child, I think you might be a little bit fey”             by which she meant              (I came to understand)             a little […]

This Old Car

When an old car starts breaking down              piece by piece             part after part             you know that at some point you are              throwing good money after bad             and that at some point you might be better off              trading it in. When your right shoulder hurts             and then your left             and then your lower back             — or […]

Good Every Day

Why are some things, like coffee, good every day without variation? I never tire of a strong, fragrant, steaming mug of morning deliciousness. It will lure me out of bed even if there is no reason I need to get up early. Other things, however, like jokes and like some other experiences, are only good […]

Honey Do List

Honey, could you do last week’s thing this week? Honey, could you do next week’s thing whenever you can think of to do it? Honey, could you do the dishes? Honey, could you do the taxes? Honey, could you wash the car             Wash the clothes             Wash the windows             Wash the dog? Honey, could you do […]

O Contemporary Christmas

On Christmas Eve: Set up Genuine Artificial Christmas Tree bought in September from Amazon.com! Stoke up simulated fire on LED screen! Family visits via FaceTime and Skype! Microwave Tofurky delivered via GrubHub with $10 Off Coupon! On Christmas Morning: “Alexa, Open My Gift!”  It’s a stuffed puppy that breathes!