Don’t Drop By

“I was in the neighborhood. So I thought I’d drop by.”

Don’t just drop by.

“We knocked on the door and you weren’t in so we left this door tag.”

Don’t just drop by.

“I rang the doorbell but you weren’t home.”

Don’t just drop by.

“I know our appointment was at 3 but I got here early so I thought I’d ring the bell.”

Don’t just drop by.

“I saw that your lights were on so I thought I’d try to talk to you about the block party.”

Don’t just drop by.

“Your dog heard me but somehow you didn’t?”

Don’t just drop by.

Just because I am home it does not mean that I am receiving visitors. This is what my butler would say if I had a butler. “Ms. X is not at home today. Ms. X is not ever at home. Unless you make an appointment.”

For God’s sake make an appointment.

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