Don’t Worry About Those Doggies

Every morning when I take my 10-pound chihuahua pug out to go for a walk the 75- and 100-pound dogs up the hill come outside to bark

            and threaten

            and square their broad chests 

            and level their muscular shoulders

            and all the short, stiff black, tan, grey and white hair on my little dog’s neck

                        stand straight up 

                        and she squeals in alarm

            and it doesn’t matter that the 100-pound dog is 100 years old and can barely see

            and the 75-pound dog has the frightening name of “Wiggles”

                        (because she wiggles her short curly tail when she is happy which is often)

                        or that they are our neighbors’ dogs and she sees them 




Every single day




My dog worries about those doggies up the hill because she is a worrier and because even though we have introduced her to them numerous times and they are friendly she 

            DOES  — NOT — TRUST — THEM — ONE – BIT – AND – NEVER — WILL!


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