A Little Bit Fey

My grandmother once looked at me across the room

            when I wasn’t doing much really

            — I was trying to read the cat’s mind I think

            by looking intently into its eyes —

            and said

            “Child, I think you might be a little bit fey”

            by which she meant 

            (I came to understand)

            a little bit magical

            a little bit otherworldly

            a little bit Not Right

            a little bit Irish

            and (later)

            a little bit Ill-Equipped 

to Hold A Man


            Handle Life’s Business


            Put Someone In Their Place

            or Get Right With Jesus.

It now seems to me

            that maybe 

            she was right

            but that maybe if you are

            a little bit fey

            there isn’t much

            you can do about it


            be fey.

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