The Halloween Mime

Among the children and others who came to our door last night there was

a princess from Frozen

a family from the Avengers




and The Halloween Mime.

The Halloween Mime was a child of about 8 years of age

in white face paint 

and a black spandex bodysuit.

He arrived with a masked and caped older child who introduced his performance.

The Halloween Mime’s “trick-or-treat” did not include saying “trick-or-trick”

(because Mimes, you see, do not speak)

But instead provided a performance.

This performance provided

Escape From A Box.

The performance had Serious Intentions

and duration.

Afterwards The Halloween Mime received




He walked down the hill with the straight-backed confidence of 

a Performer Who Has Been Paid For His Work.

“That kid is going to get beat up in high school,” a man standing nearby observed.

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