My teacup chihuahua has shining big black eyes and even bigger ears

            And a little licking pink tongue.

Her curly tail beats time when she’s happy, 

which is most of the time.

She yip yip yips 

and she prances and skitters and RUNS up and down the stairs like a tiny herd of elephant dogs.

She jumps up to kiss me

— all the way to my chin —

because it’s DINNERTIME

and DINNERTIME creates so much JOY

so much JOY

so much JOY

that it can hardly be borne 

in one little furry black and white and tan breast and face and body and four little legs and little

            wagging behind.

I know!

I know!

I know!

It’s so exciting!

So exciting!

So exciting!

Every day it’s the same ½ cup of dry food

            in the same little blue bowl

            the same way

            at the same time.

And we SPIN SPIN SPIN with delirium because it’s FOOD and it’s LOVE and it’s PLENTIFUL

and there is no doubt at all that WE ARE GOING TO EAT!

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