This Man

When this man covers my little green hand (it is green – my mother was Italian and our skin is green as olives) with his large brown hand it is as warm and large and snug as a shell for a snail or a hollow tree for a rabbit (as I imagine it must be). […]

Don’t Drop By

“I was in the neighborhood. So I thought I’d drop by.” Don’t just drop by. “We knocked on the door and you weren’t in so we left this door tag.” Don’t just drop by. “I rang the doorbell but you weren’t home.” Don’t just drop by. “I know our appointment was at 3 but I […]


Don’t Worry About Those Doggies

Every morning when I take my 10-pound chihuahua pug out to go for a walk the 75- and 100-pound dogs up the hill come outside to bark             and threaten             and square their broad chests              and level their muscular shoulders             and all the short, stiff black, tan, grey and white hair on my little dog’s neck […]


One of my students             during group work             during discussion time             during sharing time             during collaboration and discourse time has instead been drawing elaborate and increasingly expanding fractals on the wall hidden by a column next to his mini-desk. I would have noticed this much earlier             in the semester             if I had walked around the room […]

My Beloved Gonenesses

The ghosts of my life are getting more numerous. Where are these presences these left-over nesses  in my ever-receding and dwindling and aging memories? Where are they  in some deeper way  than in thoughts of those with whom  they were? What does it mean that they were here?   What are the essences  that remain?             What […]